Sashimi roll

Sasha is the co-owner of The Darling Parlour tattoo studio, which she owns and operates along side her husband, Dave aka Moses D Mezoghlian. She has been tattooing for almost 9 years and is grateful to have had the opportunities that she has had in the tattoo industry. Sasha has travelled to many different countries such as New Zealand, Norway, France and Italy to name a few, in the search for inspiration to broaden her tattooing and artistic knowledge and to grow as an artist. Tattooing was Sash's first and only job, starting at the ripe age of 18 and says that she would love to one day teach her son, Raffi, the art of tattooing if he would like to learn. The studio is like a second family for Sasha and she and her husband pride themselves on being able to provide an open, friendly environment not only for customers, but for her tattoo family as well. Sasha loves to tattoo flowers, animals, and lots of colour as well as some fine line floral work. 

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